Man Gets Tased 3 Times at Baseball Game

Man Gets Tased 3 Times at Baseball Game

Story by Bryan Rupp for News KBMT

(video below)

The Oakland Police Department is defending the use of a taser on an Oakland A’s fan at Tuesday’s baseball game. 62-year-old Thomas Bruso was shocked three times in front of other fans and it was caught on camera.

The incident drew national attention the minute it was posted on the Internet.

YouTube and other sites showing the video are receiving comment postings every minute.

Oakland Police say everything was done by the book but the anti-police brutality group, Copwatch, strongly disagrees.

In the video you can watch as Oakland Police officers tell nearby fans to clear the area.

One of the officers has his taser out.

62-year old Thomas Bruso puts his finger to his nose and teases the police, and then swipes the officer’s arm away when he tries to cuff him.

That’s when the officer tases him once and then as another officer puts handcuffs on him, the officer tases him two more times and Bruso goes down.

Jacob Crawford is part of the Oakland and Berkeley Copwatch groups.
He criticizes the officers for their actions, calling them “absolutely unnecessary”.

I was disturbed and I was really saddened by the decision of three men deciding what would it take to overcome a situation,” said Crawford.

But Oakland Police say they were asked by stadium security to remove Bruso because he was shouting profanities and appeared to be drunk.

Police say they tried talking to Bruso but when he refused to listen to the officers and became belligerent they decided to use a taser.

“On the first deployment that didn’t even have any effect on him because one of the prongs missed and was stuck in the seat. And when the officer made the connection to his back which completed the circuit that had the effect we wanted., said Jeff Thomason with the Oakland Police Department.

Oakland Police say they opted to use the taser instead of trying to subdue Bruso with their hands especially because of his size at 280 pounds.

We don’t want our officers getting injured and we don’t want the suspect to get injured and using that taser is a safe and effective method in trying to get someone under control, said Thomason.

But Jacob Crawford is not convinced and says tasers are not safe.

“It can kill an old man under the influence of alcohol. If the officers knew that that man was under the influence of alcohol and could already see he was an old man, why would they even think of using something that could kill him?’ Asked Crawford.


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